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Thirteen Best Walking Dead Couples

Thirteen Best Walking Dead Couples

With the midseason premiere of season seven airing on February 12 and Valentine’s Day a mere two days after, we wanted to take some time to pay homage to the great romances The Walking Dead has brought into our lives. Though at times, they made us scratch our heads in bewilderment, they also gave us some epic love stories (We’re looking at you, Richonne and Glaggie)! Here’s a list of thirteen of our favorite Walking Dead couples.

13) Andrea and The Governor/Phillip/Brian/Whatever

Really, we only wanted to include this as another shining example of how. much. Andrea. sucks. Her M.O doesn’t change! First, she falls in with a group (or person, in the case of Michonne) who, for some inexplicable reason, feels a responsibility to look out for her. Then, she starts pouting about things like her gun or sleeping in a warm bed. At all times. Next, her obsession with those things completely blinds what little judgment she has and causes her to blow off the people who have consistently had her back. Seriously, how do you let Michonne walk out of your life because The Governor gave you a drink?! Phillip obviously honed in on that massive ego of hers because he said all the right things to make her feel like she was important, which blinded her to his true agenda. Though it was handled extremely messily and unprofessionally, we can’t be mad at the then showrunner for abruptly abandoning the plan to keep Andrea alive. Good riddance.

12) Negan and Lucille

Though the show hasn’t delved too far into Negan’s super creepy obsession with his barbed wire wrapped bat Lucille, we can’t help but be a little mystified by his attachment to this inanimate object. But attached he most certainly is! Whether he’s giving some captive audience another long-winded speech, bashing in the heads of some of our favorite people or just sitting down for a nice spaghetti dinner at Rick’s, Lucille is never far from Negan’s clutches. In fact, Negan addresses Lucille with such tenderness that it begins to make you wonder if there’s a real heart buried underneath the leather and presentation scarves. But then we remember that Lucille is made of wood and Negan is bat shit crazy.

11) Carl and Enid

Over the course of six and a half seasons, we have watched as Carl Grimes has grown into a young man. So when Enid was introduced, we knew it was only a matter of time before Carl caught feelings. Though the two got off to a rocky start thanks to Enid’s standoffish teenage angst and then her romance with crappy Jessie’s crappy son Ron, the two found their way to each other. Carl locked Enid in a closet at the end of season six in a sweet, if not misguided, attempt to keep her out of harm’s way. When Enid set out for Hilltop in season seven to see Maggie, her safety was threatened by walkers, but Carl’s terrible driving skills saved the day. The two shared their first kiss and rollerskated off into the sunset. Well, sort of.

 10) Tyreese and Karen

We admit that we were a bit perplexed by the apparent intensity of this relationship. Guess there’s nothing like a zombie apocalypse to take a relationship from 0-60!  In fact, we weren’t even sure we knew Karen’s name before she was unceremoniously murdered by Carol. However, this relationship combined with Karen’s death, set off a significant chain of events, culminating in Carol’s banishment from the group. We’re fine with a few brief conversations between Tyreese and Karen for that kind of pay off.


9) Sasha and Abe

These two civil servants found kindred spirits in each other after they went through consecutive bouts of PTSD and came out on the other side ready to try life again. We weren’t sure sure if we could buy it, (Sasha seemed far too serious for Abraham’s sophomoric, though hilarious thought process) but we couldn’t deny that his Say Anything moment – standing outside her house, declaring, “Could be 30 years for us here. That’s still too short,” was positively swoonworthy. Who knew Mr. Dolphin Smooth could emote such sincerity? Inspired by Glenn and Maggie’s growing family, Abraham realized he wanted a family of his own with Sasha. As with most good things on The Walking Dead, their happiness came to an abrupt end when Abraham fell victim to Negan’s bludgeoning. But not before Abraham made us feel all the feels when he flashed a subtle peace sign to Sasha, letting her know everything was going to be alright.

 8) Deanna and Reg

Yeah, they were delusional about what was actually happening outside those walls (and we’re not even sure Reg built those walls right; why were the supports on the outside where people could just shimmy up them?), but the fact that they worked together to create this safe zone for so many people for so long is pretty extraordinary. Plus, they’re out here throwing welcome parties for new Alexandria residents. It’s definitely a better welcome than the one our group got from Gareth.

 7) Abe and Rosita

Not everything has to be about true love in the zombie apocalypse; sometimes proximity is the name of the game. When we’re introduced to the two’s physical relationship – by way of a peeping Eugene – it seems like they may only be in it for the nookie, but there’s definite affection there. These two are another example of great teamwork. We love that she’s willing to stand up to him when he’s acting like an ass. They’re also a fascinating look at what happens when he’s just not that into you any more. And it’s the zombie apocalypse. And you still have to look at each other every day. And the person he left you for is one of the 60 people in the world you know. Yikes. After the brutal murder of Abraham, we have watched as Rosita tries to come to grips with the loss of the man she loved who did not love her back.

 6) Shane and Lori

Record scratch? Not quite. No matter how many mixed signals Lori gave to Shane, they definitely shared a deep connection, whether or not it was a long time coming (per Shane) or Lori’s need to just feel something again. This relationship was felt in all threads of the first two seasons, and even in part of the third. Members of the group were caught between their two co-leaders as a full scale soap opera played out behind the scenes. Their liaison caused a rift so deep between best friends Rick and Shane that they were both ready to murder each other over Lori. We’re glad Rick won that one, but it would have been interesting to see more of Lori and Shane actually together. Banished from the group, but together. Their relationship was easily more compelling than Rick and Lori’s. Plus, they gave us Li’l Asskicker! We’ll keep her with us, though, thank you very much.

 5) Aaron and Eric

Though we didn’t see much of the couple during season six, these two are still alive and kicking as Alexandria’s oldest (?) most established (?) couple. The way they care for each other is so cute. Aaron risked life, limb and the wrath of Man Bush (™ Negan) Rick to run to Eric’s side when a flare went off and it seemed like Eric might be in danger. Eric risked life and limb to go out scouting with Aaron, even though he’s terrible at it, to make sure that Aaron didn’t go out alone. They invite strays like Daryl in for a spaghetti dinner. What’s not to love?

 4) Denise and Tara

Though we’ve technically known Tara longer, we feel like we know Denise better. We saw her face paralyzing anxiety when she was suddenly thrust into the role of Alexandria’s only doctor after Pete was executed by Rick (Pete, that’s what you get for grabbing katanas that don’t belong to you!) and she stepped up beautifully. She came out of her shell, saved lives, got brave enough to plant a kiss on Tara and got a girlfriend in return. We were so sad (and shocked) when an arrow through the eye cut her life short. Tara carried on for what seemed like an eternity not knowing about the loss of her love, only to find out from Eugene upon returning to Alexandria from her run. In true Tara fashion, she maintained her glass half full mentality.

 3) Sasha and Bob

Bob entered Sasha’s life, seemingly unphased by the slight inconvenience of the world’s end. Every time she brought up another one of the byproducts of the crumbling of life as they knew it, he presented a quick rebuttal – a silver lining. Though it was the silliest of games, it exemplified Bob’s charm and sunny disposition and it quickly rubbed off on Sasha. When Tyreese was reunited with his sister and the rest of the group after the prison fell, he immediately noticed the change in her. We got to see Sasha’s beautiful smile light up her face time and time again and we have Bob to thank for that.

 2) Glenn and Maggie

They started with Maggie declaring “I’ll have sex with you” while on a run with Glenn and only knowing him for two days. Who would have thought that hook-up would have led to the show’s most stable couple? We saw Glenn go from a boy to a man, from walker bait to a leader and it was all fueled by Maggie’s love for and belief in him. Maggie’s whole heart was in Glenn and we saw her press on, under impossible circumstances to find him; it’s almost as if they knew each other’s need for the other to be alive actually kept them alive. Also, let’s not forget the beautiful relationship Glenn formed with Maggie’s father, Hershel. Maggie gave him strength, but Glenn gave her tenderness. Our hearts were filled with hope when we found out the pair were expecting only to be shattered to bits as Glenn uttered his last words, “Maggie, I will find you” before dying at the hands of Negan. Even after Glenn’s untimely demise, Maggie has continued to draw strength and hope from him, showing us that love really can survive death.

 1) Rick and Michonne

Woo! Where to start with the best couple ever? We’ve been on the Richonne train since season three. How could we not? They drew us in with their intensity, first as people who were extremely distrustful of each other, then as allies and partners. By the time season four rolled around, Rick and Carl were literally running to Michonne when she returned with smiles on their faces, and we knew that we had to see them make it official. After the prison was lost, we saw them reunite and function as a family unit, a dynamic that is still there to this day. In season five, we witnessed a subtle shift as Michonne moved into the place of Rick’s right hand, edging out Daryl. In season six, after the zombies thankfully took care of basic Jessie and whatever mental breakdown Rick was projecting on her, our dreams were realized in a quiet moment on a couch. During the front half of season seven, we watched as our dynamic duo dealt with the aftermath of Negan’s reign of terror. Rick was resigned to the idea of settling for a life under Negan’s rule if it meant protecting those he loved. However, Michonne was ready to go into battle. We ended the midseason as Michonne reminded Rick of how far they’ve come saying, “We’re still here, the two of us. We’re still standing, and we’re gonna keep standing.” Rick has Michonne’s loyalty. Michonne has Rick’s deference. Both things they were missing in their earlier relationships. We can’t wait to see what this power couple will bring to the show now that they know they’re strengthened in each other’s love.

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