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#TDCPod Update

#TDCPod Update

Hey y’all! Mel here with a (very late) #TDCTuesday update! Several of you have been asking when we will be releasing new podcasts and I am here to answer that question.

I want to start by saying that we love our listeners. LOVE. And we love each other. Because of that, we want to make sure we are giving each episode our very best. As we began Season 6, we realized we were just trying to power through the episodes. We wanted to meet this deadline we set for ourselves to complete all of the previous episodes before the premiere of Season 8. We didn’t want to let you guys down. But we realized by not being able to give it everything we’ve got, we were letting you down in an entirely different way. We realized we needed to slow down.

We need some time to be able to do fun things together that don’t have anything to do with The Walking Dead or the podcast. Kia needs some time to focus on her next semester in school and I need to devote my energy to my health at the moment. Those of you that follow me personally may already know I have been having some health struggles. I won’t go into those here, but if you are interested, please feel free to check out my blog.

We will still be recording periodically as we are able, but that will mean Season 6 of our podcast will not be released until sometime during the mid Season 8 break. We promise it will be worth the wait!

Now, here’s what we have to look forward to:

-Our Season 8 Preview episode with some very special guest appearances! (This will be out prior to the premiere!)

-More episode live tweeting!!

-More contests!!!

-Walker Stalker Atlanta coverage!!!!

-A killer 8th Season!!!!!


We want to thank you guys for sticking with us and being so pumped about #TDCTuesdays. Y’all have made this such an incredible experience. We love you guys like we love Richonne. And that’s a whole damn lot.

If you are attending Walker Stalker Atlanta or are in or around the Atlanta area, we will be having a meet up on Friday October 27th with our friends from The Dead Connection. We would love to meet you all! More details to come!

In closing, there’s one more thing I wanted to share with you guys. In honor of our 1 Year Podiversary, I asked our friend Rob Mack to make us something extra special to celebrate. Here’s the finished product. Two Dead Chicks Pop Vinyls!!! 🙂


Melissa Stephens
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