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#TWDFamily Part 2

#TWDFamily Part 2

It’s not just fandom. It’s family.” If you are at all familiar with Walker Stalker Convention or Heroes and Villains Fan Fest, you’ve probably seen this tag line before. Though I’d seen it, I had never put much thought into what it meant until I experienced this family for myself. From attending the conventions as a fan to beginning this podcast with Kia, I have witnessed a fandom that supports each other with their whole hearts. I have seen people come together for each other in a way that can only be described as magical. Their one common thread? They love The Walking Dead and attending the conventions that celebrate their favorite show.

In this four part series, I will be chatting with many of the people that make up this family. That includes some of our newest members. I had the chance to talk to a few awesome newbies that will be making their WSC debut this weekend!

How did you first hear about Walker Stalker Convention? 

Simone (1st time WSC attendee): I’ve been lucky enough to know some people in the business where I’ve worked at a convention but, this will be my first time attending something as a guest and I am very excited. I first heard about WSC through the Walking Dead fandom.  At first, I thought it was the name of a podcast, but I started to see pictures posted by fans and it looked amazing. Sometimes it’s hard to be a super fan because people laugh at you or don’t understand so also being a theater person I love being around like-minded people who like to geek out!

Marissa Griffiths (1st time WSC attendee, has attended one other fan related convention: I heard about Walker Stalker by seeing photo op pictures fans posted to Instagram tagging their favorite celebs.

Ashleigh (1st time WSC attendee and convention newbie): I heard about it from my brother, who invited me to come with him.

Valerie Stevenson (1st time WSC attendee and convention newbie): I heard about it from a friend (Misty Haines) and TWD fan who’s been to several of these.

Leslee Tyler (1st time WSC attendee, has attended one Supernatural Con): Truthfully, I don’t remember how I heard of Walker Stalker! I’ve been following WSC’s social media pages for 2 to 3 years, living vicariously through the announcements and posts! I have dreamed of going for as long as I have known about it!

Margarita Wolfe (1st time WSC attendee): I first heard about it through my best friend at work. She goes to them a lot.

Who are you most excited about meeting?

Simone, who was on AMC’s The Talking Dead for episode 12 of Season 7, has a special love and connection with our favorite power couple, Richonne.

Simone: I’m most excited about meeting Danai even though I don’t have her autograph, we just have a photo op. But I very much admire her and appreciate what she represents as a woman and a warrior. I really wish I could have gotten a Richonne Photo op so I could thank them together. I’m in an interracial marriage and even now in 2017 we still get looks and sometimes comments and seeing them on my screen just brings so much joy and hope that people will one day just get over it. Love is love and that’s partly why I love them so much. They beautifully represent what love can be through insurmountable obstacles

Christina Chan (1st time WSC attendee): Who am I excited to meet?! Oh my gosh! Well, EVERYONE ! Andy, for sure! I won a drawing on the Facebook group fan meet up page and it was a dream come true!  Not only the cast members but I am excited to meet other fans. So many of use have chatted about the con the last few weeks, doing live videos and helped each other! This fandom is something; it truly amazes me.

Marissa Griffiths: Originally was most excited about meeting all of my favorite Walking Dead actors, now I’m most excited to join in on what seems to be a huge collective fan experience across the board.

Ashleigh: That’s a tough one. I would say Norman, JDM, and Michael Cudlitz.

Valerie Stevenson: I’m most excited to meet Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Ethan Embry.

Leslee Tyler: I am most excited to meet Andrew Lincoln. I am a “Rick-girl”, through and through! Lennie James is another that I am terribly excited to meet! Honestly, I am excited to meet any and all cast members. I want to thank them for bringing the characters that mean so much to me to life. I also can’t wait to meet and spend time with like-minded fans. Lifelong memories will be made!

Margarita Wolfe: I adore Norman Reedus and cannot wait to see him.

What has been the most helpful resource in navigating the Walker Stalker Con World?

Christina Chan: The facebook page Walker Stalker Con Atlanta Meet Up.

Marissa Griffiths: The most helpful tool in navigating Walker Stalker has by far been the veteran run Facebook groups. If I have a question about anything con related, I can quickly message any of the admins of those groups, and they get me an answer very quickly. Fans helping fans is incredibly prevalent.

Ashleigh: All the Walker Stalker groups that are out there. There are many meet up groups as much as information groups. They have been extremely helpful!

Valerie Stevenson: Most helpful resource has been my friend Misty Haines and the Walker Stalker Atlanta Meet Up.

Leslee Tyler: Two words: other fans! Walker Stalker veterans have been the VERY best resource for me. I have learned so much and gained enough knowledge that I almost feel as if I have been to Atlanta before! I feel ready to take on the weekend and have the time of my life — I can only thank the Walker Stalker family for that.

Margarita Wolfe: The most helpful is probably the groups on Facebook. The people that have been there before have great advice about WSC.


Want to join the fun? Purchase your Walker Stalker tickets here! Join the Walker Stalker Con Meet Up Group here. If you’re a WSC newbie, make sure to check out tomorrow’s post with lots of helpful tips from other attendees!

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