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The #TDCPod Fan of the Month/Extreme Fan Contest!

We love our listeners. Whether we are chatting with you guys on Twitter or reading your hilarious commentary from the episodes, we love connecting with you! You guys are the wittiest, funniest and coolest members of the #TWDFamily. Now, we want to give one fabulous listener the chance to have their voice really heard, in stereo, right here on our Season 8 Wrap Up Podcast. Starting RIGHT NOW, we are accepting nominations for Fan of the Month. We will pick from all of our Fans of the Month to have one extreme fan join us for our Season 8 Wrap Up podcast! Interested? Here’s how to enter:

Nominate yourself or a friend as our Fan of the Month. We are already taking December submissions! (But don’t make like Daryl and go rogue. You might want to get your pal’s permission first.) Send us an email to detailing why YOU should be our Fan of the Month. Your email should include:

-Your name and social media handles. So we can shout your glory from the rooftops in our best Kang Ezekiel voices.

-Why you love The Walking Dead. Bare your soul to us and tell us why this show is your jam.

-Why you love our podcast. Because you do….right?

-How you fandom. Are you a fanfic writer? Do you have the largest collection of TWD merch this side of Senoia? Have you met Norman Reedus 18 times or camped out in his backyard? Can you do a one person dramatic interpretation of the ‘Say Yes’ episode? Tell us about it.

-Pictures. Send us at least one photo of you that best sums up your love for TWD.

Please note that social media handles, first names, photos and portions of your plea will be on our blog if you get selected as our Fan of the Month! Also, please feel free to ask your friends and family to nominate you and plead your case! Let’s make this more interesting than basically all of Season 8 so far! Ready? Set……GO!!!!