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Mel’s Weekend at WSC Nashville

My friend Heather and I doing the tango with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus

Not a lot of people can say they did the tango with Norman Reedus on their 29th birthday. (Or on the fifth anniversary of their 29th birthday….who’s counting, am I right?) But Walker Stalker con is just out here making dreams come true. For me, WSC Nashville can only be described as magical. As I walked through the doors on  June 3rd (my birthday eve), I felt like a kid on Christmas. If the presents were hugs from Cooper Andrews, selfies with Michael Cudlitz, and kisses from Jeffrey Dean Morgan. (Does this analogy make Norman Reedus Santa Claus?) Here are some of the highlights from my WSC weekend!

Kia and I with Cooper Andrews


Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Jeffrey 👏🏻 Dean 👏🏻 Morgan👏🏻  If you’ve been listening to our podcast/known me for five minutes, you know my love for this man runs deep. I had the opportunity to meet him in Atlanta, (You can hear more about our Atlanta WSC adventures here.) but I was so flabbergasted that I completely spaced on what I wanted to say to him.

My photo op with Jeffrey Dean Morgan

In Nashville, I finally got my chance. He gave me his undivided attention and was so gracious, kind, and caring. I have had the good fortune of meeting many celebrities, but there isn’t anyone as sweet as Jeffrey Dean Morgan or any cast member from The Walking Dead. Period. The moment I got to have with him a couple of hours before this photo was taken was priceless. To hear more about this special moment, click here.


A tale of two Negans


The BEST  cosplayers ever. You may have already seen our interview with Rick Grimes cosplayer “Trick Grimes,” but there were many more fantastic costumes roaming the show floor. Some of my favorites were the kiddos dressed as their favorite post apocalyptic bad guy, Negan.

You know my heart beats for Richonne.

The cosplay contest is always a highlight of any Walker Stalker. The categories are broken down into survivors, walkers, and kids with one overall winner. In Nashville there were many creative costumes, but none quite rivaled contest winner Alexandro Quiles who cosplayed as Jerry. Quiles captured Jerry’s look and adorable personality perfectly.

The cosplayer contest finalists including winner Alexandro Quiles

The People. This part is two fold. Obviously, one of the the main reasons you attend WSC is to meet the actors behind your favorite TWD characters. It is always fun to spend a couple of moments with someone like Ross Marquand and get to hear one of his amazing impressions. If taking selfies is more your style, you will love being goofy with Michael Cudlitz, Josh McDermitt, and Steven Ogg. If Norman Reedus is attending the WSC near you, make sure you pre purchase an autograph (more info on that at the official Walker Stalker Con website), so you can know the bliss that is Norman taking your hand from across the table. He makes sure every fan feels loved.

Amanda and Heather are two of the awesome friends I have met because of WSC!

One of my favorite things about WSC is the family of friends you make because of your mutual love for all things TWD. Every time I go to one, I walk away with at least one new friend. If you are attending WSC in the near future, I fully suggest joining one of the many fan groups on Facebook. Walker Stalker Con Meet Up is one of my faves! There you can connect with other folks attending the convention in your town and coordinate hang outs. Many of the people in the group have been to WSC before so they are also a wealth of knowledge and are happy to help answer any questions you may have. Some of my favorite people on the planet I have met all because of this convention. Don’t be afraid to strike up conversations with other fans in line or stop that person in the badass Michonne costume. It might be the beginning of an awesome friendship!

Katelyn Nacon delighted WSC attendees with a musical performance

The music. You probably don’t think of Walker Stalker and music as two things that necessarily go together. However, if you have ever had the chance to attend you know that Katelyn Nacon has the voice of an angel! If you’ve never heard her sing Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ click here. At some WSC events, you might get to hear Jordan Woods-Robinson perform too! Check out his tunes here.

IronE Singleton putting out the birthday call to everyone and their mama at WSC Nashville

The ‘Birthday Chair’ is totally a thing. When I visited IronE Singleton’s booth on June 4th(also my birthday), he noticed the ginormous gift bag I was carrying around that one of my friends had gifted me with. Mid conversation he told me I would have to get in the birthday chair. Then, we continued our conversation about things unrelated to birthdays, took a photo, got some of those famous IronE hugs, and were about to be on our merry little way. Then IronE says, “Where do you think you’re going? You have to get in the birthday chair!” I said, “Oh wait, so that’s a real thing?” IronE proceeded to laugh at my naivety and say that OF COURSE it was a real thing. He pulled a chair out to the front of his booth and asked me to be seated. He then proceeded to yell out TO THE ENTIRE CONVENTION that it was my birthday and asked everyone to say ‘Happy Birthday’ to me. Have you heard this man speak?! He can project like nobody’s business. Also, when he tells you to take your bow afterwards, he means it. Thanks, IronE for helping make my birthday so memorable and special. Also, embarrassing. 😂

A view of the Skybound booth

The loot. There’s lots of fantastic vendors at WSC. Of course you can always find some unique t-shirts (and I always suggest hitting the WSC march booth for a convention t-shirt), but theres so much more. You will find action figures, tote bags, life size cut outs of Negan (totally thought about purchasing one), and amazing artwork.  One of my favorite vendors was one belonging to artist Kirk Manley. Kirk makes special limited edition prints for each city that you can purchase at the conventions. But he only makes a small amount and once they’re gone they’re gone! The detailing in his pieces is unreal! For Nashville he did a country music theme. You can check out his latest work and the Nashville print on his Instagram.

The promise of more to come. I love that our friends at Walker Stalker understand that we all get a little sad post convention. You spend months looking forward to the experience and then it flies by so fast. These guys didn’t waste any time putting WSC Nashville 2018 on the books for May 12 and 13 at the Music City Center. It’s not too early to buy your tickets and start planning! Visit the Walker Stalker Con website to see if WSC is coming to a city near you!




As many of you already know, we will be attending Walker Stalker Nashville this year. This will be my third Walker Stalker Convention and I think it’s safe to say I’m addicted. I love Walker Stalker the way I love Richonne. And y’all know how much of a Richonne shipper I am so that’s a whole lot of love.  Though you can definitely catch much of the cast at other conventions, Walker Stalker’s focus is all things TWD. So here’s a list of a few thaaangs to help you survive your first Walker Stalker Convention.

If you want to have a moment like this, make sure to attend the Atlanta or London WSC.

-Know what your ticket gets you. There are 4 ticket levels at varying price points available for WSC: General Admission, VIP, Gold, and Platinum. Though Gold and Platinum certainly come with their perks, they also come with a higher price tag. Let me let you in on a little secret. With the right planning, you can likely still achieve many of your WSC dreams with a VIP or GA ticket. Additionally, now that WSC has implemented pre paying for autographs for big names like Norman Reedus, that helps to reduce your wait times. If you have general admission and all you want in the world is to stand next to Norman for 5 seconds and breathe in his rugged beauty, purchase a photo op. Also, beware that Andrew Lincoln typically only attends the Atlanta and London conventions.

-Pour some Bisquick and do some good! Make sure to bring some Bisquick or another nonperishable item to Michael Cudlitz’s booth for his food drive. Though Bisquick is a popular items to bring, you can also bring things like fruit juice boxes and canned vegetables.

-Maybe don’t wear the stilettos.  You will be standing in line a lot. There’s a line to get in. A line for photo ops. A line for autographs. A line for food. A line for the bathroom. You get the picture. Those 6 inch stilettos may make you stand tall next to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but they will make your life miserable. Plan accordingly.

-Cash me outside. But for real. Get your cash from anywhere but the ATM inside the convention center to avoid hefty fees. Remember, all autographs and table photos are cash only. Prices vary by attendee so come with more than you think you need. Because when you see that Ross Marquand will make a video for you while doing a Matthew McConaughey impression you are gonna give the WSC gods all your money.

Selfies with Josh McDermitt are the BEST!

 -You have to take at least one table selfie. My vote is always with either Josh McDermitt or Michael Cudlitz. Both have a penchant for taking hilarious selfies and taking time with their fans. Also, they give the best hugs. Don’t take my word for it. DO IT!

-Pack snacks like you’re preparing for the apocalypse. Because you never know if the lines for refreshments will be insane/if the zombie plague might occur while you’re waiting in line for a $15 sandwich. And if it does happen, you already have a great talking point for convincing Steven Yeun to join your very own Survivors Club.

Norman Reedus meeting and greeting fans at WSC Atlanta 2016

-Thou shalt not bite Norman Reedus. Or kiss, or grope, etc, etc. It’s an emotional moment. I get it. 😉 You’ve been planning your wedding to Norman since he had the dark emo hair in season 4. But so has every other female in the building. So let’s keep the honeymooning in our heads and hide our crazy, k?

-Meet and greets are short. Notice this is called a Meet and Greet. Not a Meet and Bare Your Soul for half an hour. Some guests are able to take more time with their fans. However guests like Melissa McBride who are there for one day only, will likely move very quickly. If there is someone you really want to meet, hit their line first. Prepare your heart with one thing you really want to say to them. Introduce yourself. Say hi. They are people too. They just happen to be really really really cool people.

Kia during her magical photo op with Danai Gurira

-Photo Ops are fast. Read that sentence again. Your photo op is now over. That’s how fast it is. This is not a meet and greet. Don’t even think about asking for an autograph. Many guests do welcome fans to have fun with their photo ops and many choose to pose creatively. If you have something special in mind, be prepared to tell the celebrity quickly or show them a photo on your phone as an example. Then throw that phone down FAST. I cannot reiterate this enough, guys. Be prepared to move quickly. Have everything off of you that you don’t want in the picture and place it on the table in the photo op area. Also, find out ahead of time if the guest you want to take a picture with allows cosplay weapons if that’s something you are in to. Some guests do not allow anything resembling a weapon. Please be respectful of their boundaries!

90s soap opera or photo op with Jeffrey Dean Morgan?

-Take in a panel!  Depending on who you want to meet/how many folks you want to meet, you can spend several hours of your day in line. But one of the great things about WSC is getting to take in the panels. Cast members take fan questions and give you a behind the scenes look at The Walking Dead.

-Do a lap around the convention floor and visit the vendors. There are so many! I’m not just talking about buying t shirts, though you can certainly find some great ones. Make sure to check out the Zombie Charm School booth where you can take photos with some of the best TWD cosplayers around including The Daryl Dude.

Kia and the cutest little Carol cosplayer ever

-Dress to impress! Cosplayers are one of my favorite parts about convention life. I have seen some amazing ones. Some of my favorites include the little kiddos dressed like our favorite survivors.

-Download the Walker Stalker Con app. From there you can access the full schedule of events and plan your days accordingly. Here’s the thing. If you don’t have anything you are dying to accomplish, by all means, be spontaneous and do everything on the fly! In my experience though, you will enjoy yourself more if you have at least some kind of loose plan.

-Make new friends! This is without a doubt my favorite part of the whole thang. I met my first WSC friend while standing in line to meet Tom Payne in Nashville in 2016. We then had lunch and discussed our love for our favorite show. Cindy is now one of my favorite people on the planet. There is a whole community of fans out there that is just as obsessed as we are. The Walking Dead fandom is one of the most loyal. Not just to the show and its cast, but to each other. I have made so many beautiful friends because of this show and this convention that I will be a WSC devotee for as long as they continue to have them.

For a complete list of guests attending WSC Nashville, click here. For venue information click here.
For hotel information, click here. You may also want to check out the FAQ on their website. For information regarding photo ops, visit Celeb Photo Ops.




It’s time to meet Elizabeth Ludlow

“Oh, my God! I should have just put it in my pocket,” Elizabeth Ludlow exclaims, chuckling after recalling the story of the sandwich Norman Reedus unexpectedly gifted her. That kind of anecdote is just one of many instances of on set shenanigans on cable’s biggest show, but she couldn’t have imagined anything like this in her wildest dreams. In fact, had things gone according to plan, her face would have been the one you’d notice on CNN as you rushed through concourse A, trying not to miss that connecting flight. Instead, you’re watching her as Arat on “The Walking Dead,” waiting for her stoic and shrewd character to do something to scare the holy hell out of you. “I thought that I wanted to be on CNN and do the whole news anchor thing, but then as I got deeper into my career in college, something in me just kinda changed. It just wasn’t fun for me anymore.”

A native of Savannah, Georgia, Elizabeth’s one great love through childhood and adolescence was playing soccer, but after deciding to attend Georgia State University, she took the opportunity to change focus and experiment with a long held, but little nurtured pastime: acting. “I’ve always been interested in it, since I was a little kid,” she admits. “I just never really had the time to commit. I actually moved to Atlanta specifically to try and get involved in the acting business.”

Though her first credited job was on an episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” she looks back on the time she played Up Rush, one of the superhuman characters on the sci-fi detective show “Powers” as particularly influential to the roles she’s attracted to now. “When I did that, it kinda really, really sparked my interest in the whole superhero world.” Fast-forward a few years (and a few auditions), and Elizabeth found herself with her biggest break to date, playing right hand Savior woman to Negan on “The Walking Dead,” the weight of which is not lost on her. “It’s the most popular television show; definitely [actors living in Atlanta] would give a left leg to be on [it],” she states firmly. “If you can make it there, you can pretty much go wherever you want to from there.”

By Elizabeth’s own admission, her character hasn’t had much to say, but that doesn’t mean her impact hasn’t been felt on-screen (R.I.P. Olivia). Despite Arat’s scarce dialogue, Elizabeth feels a certain kinship her. “She has found a way to adapt in this world and move up in a type of [way that highlights] women’s empowerment. The way that she moved her way up into the ranks and is now working with him, as opposed to working for [Negan]? I really relate to that.”

Elizabeth has felt the effects of Arat’s impact off-screen, as well. “I definitely have a bigger following now, that’s for sure. I’ve been auditioning like crazy this pilot season. It’s really been a 180 for me.” Included in the big change in her life: her part as Easik Mother in Marvel’s upcoming film, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.” “It was amazing, but it was very difficult,” she reveals. “It was very difficult to try to show emotion through prosthetics – it restrains a lot of the movement in your face. Also, working with just a blue screen is very challenging. It was intense, but it was probably the coolest thing I’ve ever done.”

Though she’s only been a part of “The Walking Dead” family for a short time, Elizabeth is already fiercely loyal to her cast mates. When asked about Marvel Studios’ recent trend of casting actors from the show in their movies and television shows, she had this to say:

[C]asting directors and people, they can just see the potential and they can just see the talent. Despite the award shows – despite getting snubbed and all that stuff – I mean, it’s the most watched show on television! People are watching it! There’s something about it that’s working and the core of that is the actors. I think the work speaks for itself.

So while she can relate more to Christina Applegate than Veronica Corningstone these days, Elizabeth couldn’t be happier about where she is professionally. “I picked up a very large package of fan mail today. That was pretty cool!”

Wanna know a little more about Elizabeth? Check out the quick-fire questions below.


Best tip for surviving the zombie apocalypse?

Cardio is key.


So, about Norman Reedus sharing his signature sandwich with you…

To this day, I don’t know what makes it his [signature one], but it was just grilled cheese and tomato!


Which three characters would you pick to join your post-apocalyptic survival team?

Rosita. I’ve always liked Rosita. The way that she had the strength and courage [to try to kill Negan]…I respect that. I really like Tamiel. And I gotta have Michonne. When I first started watching the show, I wanted her part so bad.


Who would Arat want to recruit from Alexandria?

Ooh…I’m gonna take Carl. He’s got a little bad side to him and we might be able to hone in on that have him be a really good worker…that sounds horrible! “I wanna manipulate the child.”


What’s it like working with Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes)?

You can tell that every other actor is watching him and taking their own mental notes. The opportunity to watch him is almost like going to an acting class. It takes him a lot of energy to get to where he is on the show, so being able to watch the process is inspiring. You hope as an actor that you can get to that point one day and be able to carry something like this on your shoulders.


Can you tell us about the other roles you auditioned for on the show?

I honestly don’t know because they change the names and they change the script. I remember one of my auditions…I think I was a valet person? I wasn’t caught up with the show but I was like, “There’s a valet on the show? Where does this come into play?”


Keep up to date with Elizabeth by following her on Twitter and Instagram.